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you are not going to believe this.
I called a Fremont, Ohio, taxi service this afternoon to reserve a taxi for this evening. They told me to call back later. So I did, and I requested a cab from Fremont to Sandusky, asking what a good time to arrive for my train (which leaves at 3:42 a.m.) would be. They suggested the cab pick me up at 3 a.m.


At 3:05 a.m., I call the taxi service back to ask where the car is. Apparently the cab couldn't find my room number, even though I had given it to them hours in advance. By the time I got in the car, we were running 15 minutes behind schedule.

Then she stopped for gasoline. Which I've never heard of-- not only did she know that I was trying to make a train, but she stopped for gas AFTER she picked me up?!

Anyway. We're now really late, and she asks me if I know where the bus station is. I correct her and say it's the train station. She looks confused. I ask her to call the taxi service or information to get directions, but she shakes her head and says she can't do that. I attempt several times on my cell phone to call various places (she doesn't have a phone directory), but my cell phone keeps losing its signal.

We finally get to Sandusky, where we drive up and down this stretch of highway, and she keeps asking me if I see the station. Uh, no. Finally, it's 4 a.m. and she asks me which hotel I am going to stay at, or if I want to go back to Fremont. At this point, I'm so fed up. I've lost $75 on my train ticket, paid $50 for cab fare to take me ...nowhere!, and I'm stuck with this taxi driver who is chain smoking and acting like it's not her problem that I'm stranded --- again --- even though it is totally her fault.

We drive to three different hotels, all of which have darkened lobbies since it's freaking four o'clock in the morning, and then she drops me off at a Comfort Suites. Not only will she reimburse me for the shoddy cab fare, but she refuses to pay for the hotel room or train ticket loss. She's done her job, she tells me, by driving me from Fremont to Sandusky. Our transaction is complete.

I tell her she is ridiculous.

She stares at me.

Then I tell her that I need to speak to her manager. She says Mike will be around in the morning, but since it's 4 a.m., she can't give out his personal information. Since I was forced to pay her the $50 in advance, I'm basically out of luck.

So I get my stuff, slam the door, and pay $80 for a suite when I should be barreling towards Northampton on a train.


And now it's five in the morning. I am fuming and very upset and I don't know what to do.

I need advice and support. And I need to win the lottery. Ha. At this point, I'll kiss my dorm room floor when I see it.

PS Never ever ever go to Danny's Taxi Service in Fremont, Ohio. You'll be sorry. I know I am.

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is there any way to exchange the train ticket?
i would be on the phone at eight am with the manager. that's ridiculous.

(Deleted comment)
Definitely talk to the manager! It's likely that she couldn't reimburse you without speaking to the manager anyway. Though I'm sure her obnoxious attitude did not help.

I hope you can get some of the money back, especially since the cab service suggested the pick-up time (and they really should have given the driver directions).

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