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when my thoughts collapse,

there are vowels where there should be none

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here it comes, monday. suck it.
tegan says:

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comment to be added.

awwwwww... thats just too cute.
and woot! at already being friended. :D

Good thing I put in the hours before this came up...

i thought it was already friended?

Best Friends-Only entry ever!! Not only do you have Tegan but also TGS-ness!! :o! Yay! *proud to have been added*

why arent i a friend or can i not fiure out how to use it im so confused

Re: Tee hee... we're cool. [NO! YOU'RE NOT!]

Sign me up, lady. Sweet "Friend's Only" sign; nothing more swish then a sexy-and-exotic picture of Tegan giving one "the eye" to provoke people to be your friends. You're live-journal is awesome, and I'd love to read more.


hey just a quick question - what is that ani difranco quote on your userinfo page from?? i clicked on your link from toxic stars' journal... but i hadnt seen that quote before, the long one near the bottom... hope to hear back, thanks!!

You only get one shot at this, so I must think real hard what I should spend my applying-to-friends-list comment on. Quickly I rule out the usual "Hey, I don't know you but, I'm a random voyeur just desperately seeking to compensate for my lack of contact with the real world by hungrily devouring every single live journal I set my eyes upon!... care to add me?" 'cause, come on... who wants to know that?

I also dismiss any cliché emoboy poetry I might have just lying around my desktop somewhere in a .txt file (notepad is so emo). We have communities like life_is_a_song for that. And I wouldn't just post something I've written because really, it's just not very good.

Picture files are a no-no because it's my first post on her journal and there's the whole 'trust' issue involved, so no. And I'd do some fancy html tricks but really, at 3 in the morning, can I be bothered?

What I'm left with is some reserve honesty leftover from my last own few journal entries and a lousy "Hi, how ya doing? I'm the J. Nice to meet you. Can I be your (in LJ terms) Friend?"

I guess that'll have to do for now.

I guess that'll have to do.

that is almost too amusing for 4am.
of course you will be added.
i hope you're okay with queer girl rants and emo poetry.
[you should post your lyrics. you really should.]

and i'm searching the internet for tom green in that fucking matador costume. it's all your fault.

-the kim

why are you called the j.?

Hey I Just Cant Belive I Found Another Tegan And Sara Fan! These Sisters Are Totally Amazing And Im Glad There Are Other Fans Out there Supporting These Amazing Candian Musicians!:D