when my thoughts collapse,

there are vowels where there should be none

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an ongoing task
o rly
Sometimes we have things that we want to say, but just don't know how.

This leads us to write on bar napkins and alleyway walls. This makes us call our ex-lovers when we are drunk and high at four in the morning, and sometimes causes us to sleep uneasily or giggle uncontrollably.

I suppose this will be just another way to say what you want. Do you have a story or a confession? What about something you're thinking about with the current political drama? Tell me your fears. Your loves. A poem you wrote but were afraid to share. A picture you made in MS paint or a pie chart about your latest sexual adventures. A regret, a hope, a dream, a wish. Anything!!

You can post anonymously by clicking the little ..anonymous button. You can post once or thirty times. I don't log my IP addresses, so I will never be able to trace it. I just want to make sure people can get things off their chests when they need to. (EDIT: i switched the comments to screened and made sure my comment settings were set to log no one's IP address. i had to fix it from last night. i'm sorry if i offended anyone. i wasn't trying to be sneaky!!)

So go ahead and use this post for that venting/bragging/quizzical place.

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I'm sad because I feel like my relationship is ending with the man I've been with for almost 3 years because I'm nitpicking.

At the same time, I'm falling in love with his best friend since they were in the womb practically.

the innocence of the love I feel for his best friend surprises me, and sticks out in contrast when I feel angry at Tyler.

I draw pictures of Tyler when I'm high, and they are so beautiful afterwards that I feel like it must be true love

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